You may ask, “Why is Ruth going on a mission trip to Armenia?”.

A trip to Armenia was not on my bucket list and even though my heritage is Armenian growing up I always identified with the Greek culture I had been exposed to. Three years ago when my parents went to Armenia they came back with many stories about our family and the opportunities for witnessing to the many hungering and searching Armenians.

The pictures my dad took on his trip brought tears to my eyes as I saw the devastating results of the 1988 earthquake. Then there were the pictures of those men and women my dad had the opportunity to witness to about God’s love being so great that He sent His only Son to die for us and save us all from eternal damnation. As touched as I was hearing the many stories I still did not have the desire to visit Armenia.

As a church we began to financially support the mission work taking place in Armenia. My dad started to receive regular phone calls from the missionary updating him on how home churches were growing in small towns. Suddenly Armenia became a bigger part of my prayer time. There was a connection.

God works in mysterious ways. As I look back the last 8 months have been a journey in uncharted waters for me. On January 24, 2011 I was let go from work due to restructuring, it was not unexpected but nonetheless it hurt my pride. I’ve never been let go before. Why now?

I had worked so hard for the last 11 years – going back to school staying up till all hours of the night finishing assignments, then getting a job that I loved but that took me away from my children, I was working 50-60 hour weeks and started to climb the corporate ladder. I was almost there. Whoosh! Crash! I was knocked down a couple of rungs actually I’d say the ladder was kicked out from under me and I landed with a great big splat on my back with the wind knocked out of me.

I was very confident in my ability to find work and find it quickly. Why wouldn’t I be confident, I’ve never had a problem in the past to find a job. Days turned into weeks and as weeks turned into months my confidence waivered. I questioned, “Why me? Why now?”

“Why God?”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

So I did. It was not easy. For those who know me know that I don’t like unknowns, I need a plan mapped out, something to work towards. My prayers changed to “What do you want from me Lord?” from “Help me find a job.” Funny thing about prayer, it works. Even if the answer may not be what we wanted or expected.

I came to recognize that if things had gone the way I had wanted them to I would not be going to Armenia in less then a week with my father. When my dad suggested going to Armenia back in February I was concerned about being able to take time off. Don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I’ve come to realize that God has a reason for me to go to Armenia. “Behind every great man there is standing a woman.” That great man is my Dad and that woman is me. I am not an evangelist nor a missionary. What I am though is a child of God who wants to go where he sends me. And right now he wants me to be in Armenia helping my dad so that he can do what he does best. Preach.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to leave on Tuesday, September 13.