Waiting In Anticipation

In two weeks we will be in Armenia starting our 11 day missions trip.

Dad has been planning for this trip since the beginning of the year when on a whim he mentioned he would love to go back to visit the folks that we have been supporting individually and as a church and that he would do it if I were to go along. This conversation took place about a week after I was let go from work due to restructuring, I had been there for more then five years. I left the home of my parents wondering if this was something that my dad had just said in passing or was serious.

Several hours later after thinking about our conversation I called my dad and asked him if he was serious. Sure enough he was and wanted to book the trip right away. I had a moment of panic as all kinds of ‘what ifs’ and questions flew through my mind.

Within 48 hours I had booked our flights and the hotel that we were staying at. Yes folks, my dad moves even faster then I do when he sets his mind to it. I’m not that far behind.

For months dad has been talking about this trip, unfortunately I have been so busy with a new business that I have started that it just didn’t sink in that I was going on this trip. That is, until this past week. BAM!!! What? Only two weeks to set things in order for me to be away from my business, my kids, my…. never mind because I realize that God is in control. Ha! What’s the worst that could happen? Kids don’t have food to eat? Not going to happen my kids have survival instincts don’t forget their mom used to work crazy long hours and these poor kids had to fend for themselves. Who are we kidding they are Hovsepians and they are therefore survivors.

After the response to my status about our impending trip on facebook yesterday I thought that a blog might be a better way to communicate to those who want to follow us on this trip.

The hotel we are staying at has internet and a business center. I will be taking a mini-hp with me and hopefully will be able to work from my room if not I will try the business center. God willing I will post as often as possible while we are there.