Visits and More Visits…

Friday was another full day for us. With Arayik and Samuel, we drove to a suburb of Yerevan called Davitashen and visited three families who live near each other. These were all Christian families but each one shared unique challenges that we were able to pray with them about.
At one of the homes, we met several siblings and their families who are caring for their aging father, Rasmik. This gentleman greeted us with a booming voice, firm handshake and warm smile despite the fact that a physical handicap has him relying on crutches and a delapitated wheelchair.
We were humbled to be able to offer some support to these families and to pray for them all in turn.
In the evening, we participated in the regular Friday night home Bible study at Anahit and Haik’s home and Pastor Joseph led a discussion based on the first several verses of Ephesians 2. Afterward, a young former pastor who had joined us spontaneously started singing a hymn and others joined in. We were pleasantly surprised when Nelli moved to the piano and began accompanying the group. She later played and sang another hymn. It was great fellowship!
One of the unexpected “missions” that Pastor Joseph has encountered during this trip is the need to exhort and encourage local pastors and church leaders. Some of the same church issues we face in North America are present in Armenia and several people have to turned to Pastor Joseph’s many years of experience for guidance and insight.
This morning we are preparing for a baptismal service in the town of Sayat Nova. By the time most of you read this, the service will be over, but we ask you to pray for those being baptized, that they will grow strong in their faith and plug into a fellowship of believers who will encourage and support them.
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