Update from Arayik & Nelli

This excerpt is taken from the December 2011 Temple News.

Yerevan, ARMENIA
[Early November] I wish we could communicate daily. There are so many things I would like to share with you about the work here.

Pastor Joseph & Arayik

Many new believers in Spitak and Stepanavan have been pleading and even insisting to be baptized, asking me why they were not baptized before; they were actually hurt. I told them they will be baptized next year. And now there are some young people who came from Russia and they want to be baptized. Those who were baptized [in September] have been sharing with others and telling them about their experiences and how God is blessing them, so now many others want to make that commitment and be baptized. Well, we will see what is the will of our Lord.
I made many copies of the DVD of the baptismal service (when you were here) and I am giving them to the people. The response has been so great.
I want to give you a very special thank you from me and from all the believers here for your guidance and the baptismal service while you were here; they all are shaken by that event. All those whom you met here in Armenia send you their greetings. Those whom you visited send you their greetings.
Brother Joseph, the 50,000 tracts have been distributed already to churches and individuals. All the brethren are very happy to distribute them. They love them. I believe we must print more, that is, if you are willing.
Snow has already come here and it is very difficult in the winter to go to Spitak and other villages without snow tires. I was in Spitak the other day and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to return home. But with God’s help we safely arrived home the next day. I have a request, Brother Joseph. Can anyone help us purchase snow tires? Without them I am afraid I won’t be able to go to Spitak and Stepanavan.
May God’s peace and blessings be on you all. Please give my greetings to the brethren in your church. We are always praying for you.
[Late November] First and foremost, I thank those who sent money to help us purchase snow tires. May the Lord bless them.
I went to Stepanavan and Spitak November 8 to 10. We had worshipful fellowship at both places. Those who were baptized recently and those who had been baptized earlier participated in a communion service.
In Spitak, I visited a family that was baptized this year in Jrashen village. While visiting this family, their uncle, named Hrach, 50 years old, was visiting them. When he heard that we were believers, he started talking against all believers. While he was talking, I was praying silently for him.
For the next forty minutes I talked to him about the deliverance of our Saviour Jesus Christ. He said, “I want to be a believer like you.” After ten minutes, with tears running down his cheeks, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour and he said, “Peace came over me.” I gave him the Bible and he promised that he will read the Word and will change his way of life. Please pray for this young believer. Thank you.
Beloved, all our believers send their greetings. May God richly bless you. We miss you and are always praying for you.
Arayik and Nelli S.