Two days left!

It happens all the time. You wait for something for weeks or months and then you blink and it’s over. That’s kind of how this year’s mission trip to Armenia feels. Months of preparation went into this trip, a major undertaking even under the best of circumstances, and now Pastor Joseph and Jessie are resting for the night with two full days left in Armenia. They will leave Yerevan on Thursday morning and, crossing over eight time zones, will arrive in Montreal on Thursday afternoon. 

The last few days were quite busy for them so we thank you for your prayers for their health and strength. On Friday, Pastor Joseph visited several families in need, accompanied by a couple of the brothers we work closely with in Yerevan. Most of Saturday was spent in a town called Charentsavan, where the local Baptist church was celebrating its 10th anniversary and had asked Pastor Joseph to preach. 

On Sunday, Pastor Joseph preached at a small church in Davidashen and then went to the village of Sayat Nova where 6 people were baptized. This took place at the home a lady who was baptized last summer, in the shallow pool in her front courtyard. A preteen girl who lives near her and whom we met during our 2013 trip was one of those baptized! 

In between some of these activities, Pastor Joseph and Jessie have been visiting many homes or receiving visitors at their hotel. They have been giving Bibles and devotional books, praying with people and ministering to them however the Lord has led them to. Pray for these precious souls, that they may grow in the Lord and experience lasting joy in Him. 

Please pray for these last two days in Armenia, that Pastor and Jessie will continue to have good health and be a blessing to as many people as they come into contact with. Pray, too, for their safe journey home. They miss everyone and send their love and greetings to all of you. 

They’re a bit out of order but there are lots of new photos HERE!