Third and Last Sunday in Armenia

Yesterday (Sunday), Pastor Joseph spoke at a church in Charentsavan, a village about 45 minutes outside of Yerevan. Although we plan to make several more visits, that was his last “official” duty. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be squeezing in last-minute visitations before wrapping everything up and preparing for our trip home on Thursday morning.
In Charentsavan, Pastor Joseph spoke to the congregation–made up mainly of women–on Ephesians 5:13-26, focussing on the fruit of the Spirit that is produced in our lives when we are committed to following and obeying Christ. The response was very positive and several members chatted with the pastor after the service. We were also invited to join some of the church leaders in the office for a light lunch before we returned to Yerevan.
From there, we dropped by the Vernissage (basically a large flea market where you can buy souvenirs, antiques and art from locals) for a bit of shopping and then returned to the hotel.
In less than an hour, we’ll be heading out for three or four home visits. We have been inspired by these opportunities to reach out to people where they are and have been talking about ways we can do similar ministry back in Montreal.
Again, thank you for your continued prayers. We have been encouraged by the loving support from our friends and family back home and around the world!