Sunday, August 23

On Sunday morning, we went to a home in a suburb of Yerevan where they hold a weekly Bible study. The large livingroom was full and we learned that sometimes even more people attend. After a time of worship, Pastor Joseph was asked to lead the group in a Bible study. He spoke about the Christian’s walk and then invited those present to participate by asking any questions they may have.

We had another church service to go to a couple of hours later, where Pastor Joseph was to speak, but first we stopped at the home of a woman who was baptized during our mission trip last year. We couldn’t stay long but we were able to meet another lady who wants to be baptized this year and we discussed some arrangements. We’re looking forward to finalizing the details of the baptism, which are a little complicated because people from several different villages and towns need to be brought together to one location.

We then made our way to Zeytun for the second church service and Pastor Joseph addressed the question, “Who Is a Christian?” It was nice to see some familiar faces from our visit to this church last year. After the service, we stayed for about an hour and enjoyed fellowship and fresh fruit while the church leaders discussed topics such as church growth.

At both meetings, there were many questions raised; for example, about infant baptism, life after death, and other topics people are struggling with. Clearly, no matter where we go — in North America or in Armenia — people are searching for answers.

Please continue to pray for us and for the people we meet each day. We truly appreciate your interest in and support of this work. God bless you!

We’ll update our Facebook photo album this morning, too. If any of you are not able to view these photos for some reason, please let us know. You can find our contact information on our website.