Spreading God’s Word in Armenia

Khor Virap Monastery
Recently, we reported about increasing restrictions on evangelizing and witnessing in Armenia. Despite opposition, believers there are eager and courageous in sharing their faith.
What’s exciting for us at Temple Baptist Church is the opportunity to be part of the spreading of the gospel in Armenia. Thanks to the support, generosity and prayers of our members and friends, we have been able to help some of the believers, churches and workers there. But there is much more to be done!

As you know, about 60,000 tracts have been printed and distributed and we are now nearing the completion of having Pastor Joseph Hovsepian’s book, God’s Workshop, translated into Eastern Armenian. Once that is done, 5,000 copies will be printed and given out freely in Armenia, Iran and other surrounding countries with Armenian communities.

It will cost about $12,000 to produce these books (including translation, editing, design, printing, etc.) but the books will not be sold because most of the people who will receive a copy cannot afford to buy literature and we want the books to reach as many people as possible, without placeing a potential limitation in their way.

If you would like to help with this expense, you can make a special donation and designate it as “Armenia: Books”. To all those who sponsor this project, Project Joseph would like to offer a copy of the DVD about the mission trip to Armenia.

reported by Ann-Margret Hovsepian