Seven Days to Go

It’s hard to believe that there is only a week left to our mission trip! The last two weeks have been busy and full and very inspiring. We’ve encountered heart-breaking situations and been blessed by heart-warming testimonies.

Tuesday was a bit of a day off for us — we needed to recharge our batteries — but we did visit relatives in the evening.

Wednesday was very busy again as we did three visitations. In the morning we visited a ministry partner’s family and Pastor Joseph had the opportunity to chat with and encourage the 21-year-old daughter. Afterward, we visited a family in Getap, three generations of women we’ve met on previous mission trips. The grandmother, mother and two young daughters experienced a terrible trauma about four years ago and have been on the difficult road of recovery since then. The little girl is physically handicapped due to developmental issues around the time of her birth but she is happy and energetic and very bright. Her 15-year-old sister recently surrendered her life to Christ and will be baptized this Saturday.

The most singificant part of our visit was the opportunity to encourage her grandmother, who is still grieving over the condition of her youngest grandchild. Pastor Joseph urged her to surrender her burden to the Lord so that she could experience joy and peace and be a better support to her family. Before we left, she said that she did want to give her life to Christ and Pastor Joseph prayed with her.

In the evening, we visited a local pastor’s family and had great fellowship as we discussed matters of life and faith. We enjoyed meeting his daughter, son-in-law and three little granddaughters.

Thursday will be another day of visitations. We’re still coordinating meetings and visits but we know that we have a home Bible study on Friday night and then a baptismal service on Saturday, which will bring together several people from different towns and villages. Stay tuned for more updates!