New Missions Trip

As most of you know, Pastor Joseph Hovsepian will be going to Armenia for his third missions trip (this time with his wife Jessie), from August 22 to September 11. Since last year’s visit to Yerevan and surrounding villages, there has been a lot of outreach activity in Armenia, much of which we have tried to regularly report to you through the Temple News, our website, Facebook, etc.

Distribution of the Eastern Armenian translations of our tract, What Are You Searching for?, and Pastor Hovsepian’s book, God’s Workshop, is still going strong. Of course, this material is costly to print so your gifts are always greatly appreciated. If this is a ministry you feel passionate about, you can make a difference with your special donations.

Another way you can help, if giving money is difficult, is to donate items that would be useful to struggling families in Armenia. The Hovsepian family will be shipping a container of godds in a few months and are collecting kitchen items, school supplies and clothing.

Besides what is already on our church website, updates on the Armenian missions trip and other projects Pastor Hovsepian is working on will soon be available at this new website: