MISSION: ARMENIAN 2023 – DAYS 14 to 17

WEDNESDAY, August 23: Gor, the 17-year-old blind boy we visited last week, wanted to “see” us before we left so we went to visit his family. His mother, Armine, is very proud of her three children and their accomplishments. She told us that Gor taught himself to play the guitar and he also plays the piano. She brought the guitar out and he sang a beautiful Armenian song. The rest of the day we ran errands and had supper with our cousins.

We don’t have any reports for Thursday and Friday as we mainly took care of preparations for Saturday’s activities.

SATURDAY, August 26: Baptismal Day! They came from all over to be baptized today. From the young to the old, those who had recently accepted Jesus into their lives and those who had been saved for a time, were baptized. . . 15 in all. We thank you for your continued prayers and support.