Mission: Armenia 2023 – DAYS 7 TO 8

WEDNESDAY, August 16: We drove to Monument, a neighbourhood in the Kanaker-Zeytun district of Yerevan, to visit Pastor Hratsh Kiujian, the founder of Armenian Christian Ministry, which celebrated 25 years last week. He and his wife have served the Armenian people for many years and recently started a ministry serving the people of Lebanon. They sponsor hundreds of families through the donations of supporters in Australia and hold meetings during the week for families and children.

One of the blessings for us has been meeting and getting to know our extended family over the years. On our first official trip to Armenia in 2011 we met the Pastor’s cousin Anahit, her husband (who has since passed away), her son, and her two daughters. That year, they all gave their lives to the Lord and went on to get baptized. This was the result of many years of prayers and correspondence by the Pastor’s parents. They planted the seeds, and Pastor Joseph had the privilege of harvesting.

After a long day, we went for a late dinner with our local missionary and his wife. We had a wonderful time of fellowship. Please pray for this couple.

THURSDAY, August 17: We started the day with a visit to an old friend. We first met this gentleman back in 2011 and, at that time, he listened but did not accept God’s gift of salvation. His wife was a believer and shed many tears for her husband. Several years ago, she passed away and her husband has been mourning her death ever since. During our visit today, his daughter and niece kept bringing up the subject of salvation and baptism. He is a learned man and has read the Pastor’s book, the Bible, and other books that have been given to him. His desire is to be united with his beloved wife.

The Pastor once again shared with him the plan of salvation and the hope that we receive with salvation. They prayed together and the man even spoke of baptism. There will be follow-up with him prior to the baptismal service next week and, if he is ready, he will be one of those who are to be baptized.

We were told of a heartbreaking family situation and agreed to go and pray for this family. The grandmother, in her mid-50s, looks after her son’s five children. He left for Russia and the mother disappeared. The oldest boy is in grade 9 and struggles with his studies. The two youngest boys do not speak; they use gestures, grunts, and other sounds to communicate. The saddest part is that the grandmother is very sick and struggles to look after the children. The living conditions are terrible. They rarely eat more than rice. Yet all five children have beautiful smiles and are polite. They enjoyed speaking with all of us.

Recently, a YouTuber had them on their channel and, since then, they have been receiving donations. A company has donated money to have a bathroom built and has installed a large solar panel on the roof to give them electricity. While we were there, a woman and her son arrived with boxes of clothing and food. We prayed and gave them some money and the Pastor’s book. While leaving, we were able to witness to and give a book to the man building the bathroom.

We ended the day with a special service hosted by the Huysy Doun, House of Hope church in Yerevan. Pastor Stepan invited us for an evangelical outreach service. Pastor Joseph preached about salvation and several in the room gave their lives to Jesus. There was also a request for baptism. Keep this church and its ministry in your prayers.