Mission: Armenia 2023 – Days 1 to 4

Pastor Joseph Hovsepian and his daughter Ruth arrived in Yerevan on Thursday, August 10. We will update this blog every few days as Ruth sends us reports and photos. Thank you for following along!

Friday, August 11: Dear friends and prayer warriors. On our first full day, we took care of administrative tasks, got our Armenia phone activated, banking, and had a team meeting with one of the Armenian missionaries, who is also our driver while we are here. We have gone over our itinerary and confirmed our first week’s visitations and speaking engagements. We humbly ask for continued prayers for us as well as to prepare the hearts of those that we encounter and minister to. In the coming days, I will start to post pictures and videos of our activities. Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have. Thank you for continued support.

Saturday, August 12: We started our day off with a team meeting and prayers. Then we visited a shepherd’s home in a suburb of Yerevan called Bangladesh. In previous years we had been to this family’s home. The boy’s name is Gor, the girl’s name is Diana and the mother’s name is Armine. She recently had a beautiful baby. The family lives in a home the size of a single-car garage, in recent years they have slowly fixed up the interior of the home. This small space is included as part of the pay to the father who takes care of the sheep for his bosses. We ended the day by meeting with the congregation of the House of Hope, a small group of mainly women. Their Pastor will be ordained in the coming weeks. This is a small congregation that meets in the basement of an apartment building in Yerevan.

Sunday, August 13: We headed out at 9 am toward Horom, 1.5 hours northwest of Yerevan, to visit one of the earliest churches we have had a relationship with. In 2013, we were introduced to Pastor Tigran and his church. Throughout the years we have helped them complete the shell of a building that was their church to what it is today. We made repairs, added windows, bathrooms, etc.

We arrived early enough in Horom to have a time of fellowship with the pastor and his family. We then headed to the church only a short distance away. We had a simple yet beautiful morning worship. Pastor Joseph spoke and brought the Word of God to the congregation in Horom. At the end of the service, Pastor Tigran asked Ruth to speak to the women. The men left the church and waited in the courtyard while Ruth shared a short devotional with the women.

We spent the afternoon visiting with the pastor and his family, understanding the needs that they have as a family, church, and community. From there, we headed to Gyurmi, 25 minutes north of Horom, to meet with Pastor Rubik. He and his family opened their door to us and we had a time of catching up and planning for the upcoming ordination. We got back to Yerevan around 9 pm.