Mission: Armenia 2022 – Days 8 – 14

The second week of ministry in Armenia was so packed that we’re not going to report the activities on a day-by-day basis. Instead, here are the highlights of August 18 to 24:

Our team visited five towns with Pastor Stepan to visit poor families and share the gospel and literature. In the evening Pastor Joseph preached at an evangelistic meeting at Pastor Stepan’s church. Many people came forward for prayer. Three asked for baptism.

  • Many other visits to various villages, with opportunities to counsel and help the poor and sick and to pray with people wanting to follow Christ. Also, some meals and fellowship in the homes of believers who have become friends over the years.
  • Our team traveled about two hours to Ararat Baptist Church, where Pastor Joseph met with five local pastors to offer counseling and spiritual help. In the evening, he had dinner with the voice actor and the engineer who are recording the audio version of God’s Workshop and shared the gospel with them.
  • On Sunday, August 21, Pastor Joseph preached at the Evangelical Baptist Church of Armenia. A 12-year-old boy came to Pastor Joseph to pray for salvation. He was given a gold cross as a memento of the special day. Pastor Garik expressed his gratitude for that morning’s sermon, which he said was very relevant to the congregation. Pastor Joseph had preached about the greatest sin: indifference. In the afternoon, the team went to Pastor Suren’s church in Charentsavan (about 1.5 hours away).
  • Our team visited Spitak (about three hours away) and met with a group of people who had requested baptism, but, in the end, the Pastor decided they were not ready. On the return trip, the team stopped in a nearby village where many Zoroastrians live and where there is a temple to the sun. Pastor Joseph wanted to go in. Two little boys ran out and spoke to him in the Kurdish language, gesturing for him to remove his shoes. The mullah came out and started gesturing and using his cell phone to explain some things. The team gave him our Arabic tract before returning to the road.
  • On Wednesday, August 24, eight people from three areas were baptized in Horm, where our team also gave out backpacks with school supplies to five children.

As usual, we truly appreciate all your faithful support and prayers. We look forward to Pastor Joseph’s return next week but are also excited about all the opportunities God has given him for ministry in Armenia.

You can view our photo album of this year’s mission trip HERE.