Mission: Armenia 2021 – Final Update

We wanted to share one last mission trip update now that we’ve rested from our travels and are settling back into life and ministry in Canada.

Although our last “official” commitment was Pastor Joseph speaking at the Baptist church in Gyumri, after that, we had several brief visits or phone calls with people who wanted to say good-bye, and we made one last trip to the printer to pick up the rest of the fresh copies of “Does Your Life Have Meaning?” (a smaller devotional book that is currently available only in Armenian). We dropped off eight big boxes of these at Sister Gayane’s home for storage and for her to either distribute in her community or make available to other believers who would like to use them for outreach.

Please accept our sincere thanks for all your prayers, encouragement, donations, and other forms of support. Thank you for trusting us to distribute the gifts you gave us to share. Thank you for being as excited as we are about how God is working in Armenia. We’re inspired by the growth we’ve seen in those who work closely with us and feel confident that they will continue to serve and minister as God leads and enables them.

Click here for pictures and videos of our trip.