Mission: Armenia 2021– Day 7 & 8

Thursday was a big day for us as we drove about two hours into the village of Horom so that Pastor Joseph could speak to the community that gathers at the Baptist church there—a church we were able to help rebuild several years ago and have continued to support since then. This was a special meeting that neighbors were invited to attend so that they could hear the gospel message and ask questions about God and the Bible. Two women stepped forward to pray for salvation, they professed their faith in Jesus and invited Him into their lives as their Lord and Saviour, committing to follow Him. What a joyous occasion!

On Friday we stopped by the Armenian Evangelical Brotherhood Church in Yerevan to drop off some donations (including items given to us by another Montreal church) and to catch up with Pastor Hovhannes and his wife. In the afternoon we visited in the hotel lobby with a family whose two teenagers (some of you will remember Gor, the blind boy who loves to sing, and his sister Annie) will be baptized next week. We ended the day by having supper with a few of our cousins.

There are many phone calls and preparations for the baptismal service next Thursday. While we were still in Montreal, we were given the names of eight people who had asked for baptism. As this update is being written, we believe that number has increased to about 20—we’re starting to lose track! It’s exciting to hear about new believers who are eager to publicly identify with Christ and take this step (which is often met with opposition, if not outright persecution, from family members, employers, etc.) Please pray for this group and for this special event. We look forward to reporting on it next week.

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