Mission: Armenia 2021– Day 4 to 6

Because our three Sundays in Armenia will all be busy (this Sunday, October 10, Pastor Joseph will speak in two different villages), we are taking Mondays off to rest and regroup. We were grateful for some quiet family time on Monday (Day 4), which included a visit with extended family (cousins from the Hovsepian side) later in the evening.

On Tuesday (Day 5) our team split up: Pastor Joseph and Arayik went to the printer to pick up 1,000 fresh copies of God’s Workshop (in Armenian) and then drove them a fair distance to the home of Sam and Mariam, who have kindly agreed to store our books for us. In the meantime, Jessie and Ann-Margret visited with Arayik’s wife, daughter, and sister-in-law—an unexpected opportunity to engage in women’s ministry.

Although we’ve been less active during this trip than in past years (for a variety of reasons), we’re still using every opportunity to encourage those we do encounter—including hotel staff or store clerks.

On Wednesday (Day 6), we visited an “old” friend we first met during our 2011 trip. Artur is a master painter (and his son is a world and Olympic champion boxer) yet he is one of the most humble and soft-spoken men we know. After a while, he led us to the nearby home of his daughter, who got married since we were last in Armenia and had a baby just 42 days ago! Pastor Joseph was honored to be asked to pray for a blessing on Baby Arek (see the video clip in the latest round of pictures).

We’ve learned to expect the unexpected and deal with things like fatigue, unplanned dentist visits, or laryngitis, and don’t let these things slow us down. We appreciate your prayers for our health and safety, as well as for wisdom and courage when the Lord leads us to minister to those around us.

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