Mission: Armenia 2021– Day 15 & 16

Friday was a very busy day for us. We picked up our Sister Gayane—a missionary herself (she’s the lady who stores our tracts and books in her home)—and visited three homes in three different villages or towns. First, we went to see our beloved Kevork whom we’ve shared about in past years. This war hero is now 100 years old and an invalid, cared for by his 75-year-old daughter in a tiny, ramshackle apartment. Please note that when we share photos of people’s homes, it is not with the intention of humiliating or mocking them, but to raise awareness among those who follow our ministry about the conditions many others around the world live in, with little hope of improving their circumstances. It’s because of faithful supporters that we are able to help some of the people we meet in Armenia—so thank you!
After this visit, we drove to the hard-to-find home of a family in the tiny dusty village of Karakeravan, where many of the 3,000 or so residents are ethnically Yazidi (a Kurdish religious minority). Despite the winding dirt roads and simple farmhouses, we found the area charming. We hadn’t previously met the family we visited (Christian Yazidis) but they welcomed us warmly and we were glad to be able to encourage and help them. We then went on to a town called Zovuni to visit a man we had met once before. He is the caretaker of a large orchard for a wealthy family, but he lives in a tiny one-room shack in a corner of the property. Again, we prayed with him and offered some assistance.
A few hours later we went to Huysi Doon (House of Hope), a new church in Yerevan shepherded by Pastors Sanadroug and Stepan, and two other pastors. We were moved by the enthusiasm and devotion of the group that crowded into the small meeting room. This is the first church where we’ve seen a ministry to the deaf, with an interpreter whose parents—both deaf—are members. After the service, we handed out free copies of Pastor Joseph’s book while the congregants were invited to approach him if they wanted prayer. Many of them did, from young teens to the elderly. We were blessed by our time of fellowship and pray that this young church will continue to grow and be a light in its community.
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