Mission: Armenia 2021– Day 1 & 2

Our team arrived in Armenia safely and without any difficulty just after midnight on October 1, the only setback being having to wait an extra day for one piece of luggage that got held back in Paris (but eventually was brought to us). In the meantime, we (Pastor Joseph, Jessie, and Ann-Margret) settled in, met with our friends Arayik and Nelli, and started organizing the next few days.
On Day 2 we connected with Emmi, another dear friend who has become a faithful and hard-working partner here. She is one of about a dozen people who will be baptized on October 14! In the afternoon we drove to a village outside Yerevan to visit the parents of Nelli and Arayik’s daughter-in-law, and they also decided to be baptized. Before we left their home, a few of us drove farther into the countryside to visit another family. This couple lost both their sons—just 19 and 20 years old—during the war several months ago. . . at the same time (one brother tried to save the other and they were both killed). Pastor Joseph shared words of comfort and prayed with them, and we were able to offer them some assistance as well. Please pray for this hurting family.
You can view some photos from Day 2, which give glimpses of our visits and life in Armenia, here in our Flickr photo album.