Mission: Armenia 2019 – Update #1

Mission Armenia 2019 Has Begun!

Our ministry team is back in Armenia and will start sharing reports soon. Pastor Joseph Hovsepian, his wife Jessie, and their younger daughter Ann-Margret arrived in Yerevan on Thursday, August 15, and have been settling in while also reconnecting with our local partners and friends. Here’s a brief update from Ann-Margret:

Praise God, the long flights were uneventful, with no delays and very little turbulence. Our luggage made an unexpected stopover in Bucharest, Romania, but was delivered just before noon the next day. We’ve spent the last two days trying to get over some jet lag, making arrangements for the next two and half weeks (such as what churches Pastor Joseph will preach at), and even some personal and ministry counseling.

Tomorrow our day will start early as about a dozen of us will be meeting at the hotel to make the long drive to Horom (about two hours away). There we’ll be joined by members of the Horom church as well as a large group from the village of Spitak. We expect to be about 80 people in all! At least 13 from Spitak and two from Horom have asked for baptism and there may be a couple of others, too. We’re very excited about this special day! Watch this spot for photos tomorrow.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support. It lightens the load when we know we have friends holding up this work on our behalf.