Mission: Armenia 2019 – Thursday, August 22, 2019

On Wednesday and Thursday, our team was able to visit a total of six homes, but they’ve also had opportunities to reach out to others along the way, such as a server in the hotel restaurant (Pastor Joseph gave him a gospel tract one morning after chatting for a while and, later, his devotional book) and produce vendors along the highway. (You’ll find some more details in the photo captions.)

During one visit, a family of three all prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour. In other homes, we were able to encourage believers to remain strong in their faith. The highlight of Thursday’s visits was when 98-year-old Kevork, whom we’ve visited twice before, prayed for us and affirmed the work we’re doing for God. He is a treasure!

We’re thankful for local friends like Emmy, Arayik, and Samvel who are accompanying our Canadian team (Pastor Joseph, Jessie, Ann-Margret, and Hakob) during some of these visits and connecting us with families we can encourage. What a blessing to have a group of seven working together on Thursday! Between visits we have been putting our heads together to find effective ways of following up on those who need continued encouragement, to organize the storage of our literature, and to plan for future visits.

Thank you for your prayers!