In Yerevan Safe and Sound

Our journey started on Tuesday, Sep 13 at 7:30 p.m. when we left the house, in torrential rain, for the airport. Due to the weather we were delayed over an hour which started our race against time.

The flight to Paris was smooth and uneventful, dad and I slept off and on most of the way. We flew high and fast trying to make up for lost time. Many of the passengers were hoping to make their connecting flights. We arrived in Paris in the midst of an agent strike. The gate was not ready, we waited for the stairs to be brought to the plane, slowly we made our way out of the plane and down the stairs to the tarmac where we took a shuttle to the terminal. At the terminal we raced toward our gate, up escalators, down hallways and then took a train. Once off the train we had to go through security again, another hold-up. Once through security we speed walked to our gate where due to a delay of our connecting flight we were right on time to board.
The flight was a noisy one – well put a plane full of Armenians from all around the world together and what do you expect? SILENCE?!?! Not on your life! There were Armenians from Canada, Brazil, Argentina, France and Armenia. Each one spoke with a different accent and depending on where they were from either Eastern or Western Armenian. At one point I couldn’t hear my own thoughts they were so loud.

Our journey ended with us arriving safely in Yerevan around 10:30 p.m. local time where we quickly obtained our Visas and our luggage.

My dad’s cousin, Hovig, was waiting for us with another relative. They drove us to our hotel, Hotel Regineh, in Yerevan. Giving us a quick tour of the city on the way. My first impression is that this is a city that hasn’t found it’s identity yet. We drove through the ‘Vegas strip’ where you find casinos next to one another, further along you see the historical buildings and then a little further you realize that the buildings have not been updated in over 50 years.

Tomorrow morning we will have breakfast with Arayig, the missionary that we support, to go over our schedule for the next 11 days.

We also plan to have a great big get together of all the Hovsepians and the extended family. This is my first trip to Armenia and I am very excited about meeting my family.

Took a couple of pictures but I think you’ll forgive me if I don’t post them tonight I’ll have some for you soon. Well I’m off to see if I can actually sleep. Dad and I thank you for your prayers and know that without them we would not be here right now.

Your servant
Hrout (Ruth)