Day 6 – Day of Rest

We have been on the go since we got here. With the change in time plus all the traveling and visiting we have been doing dad decided that we would stay at the hotel to rest and let me catch up with my posts and my personal business back home.

We took a walk around the neighbourhood and as we neared the hotel we got a call (a borrowed cell phone that is only in Russian) from Pastor Hovhannes. Since his church is only a few minutes walk from the hotel we walked down the hill and had a nice visit with him and his wife, Shake (pronounced Sha-ke).

Since the cost of shipping Armenian tracts to Armenia is extremely expensive dad had Arayik and Pastor Hovhannes ask their contacts how much it would cost to print in Armenia. We found out that for 50,000 tracts it will cost $800 CAD a fraction of the cost to ship.

We wanted to make sure that the wording was correct and the Armenians here could understand what was being said so we asked Hovhannes to read it through.

The following two pictures are of Hovhannes reading the tract “What Are You Searching For?” in Eastern Armenian. The reason you see his wife smiling is because Hovhannes was reading it with such gusto and ferver very loudly.

We ended the day with a simple meal at the hotel next door to ours. While we were at dinner there was thunderstorm but it ended just as we were settling our bill. The walk back to our hotel was nice and fresh.