Day 2 . . . or something like that

Warm greetings from warm (actually, quite hot) Armenia!

We left Montreal on August 12 and today is the 15th, so it’s our fourth day on the road but really only our second full day in Yerevan and our first day of ministry. The journey from our home to our accommodations here took over 24 hours and we spent part of the next day looking for a new place to stay (the first was simply not going to work for us) and settling in and trying to get some rest.

Today, we’re glad to finally be starting what we came here to do! In less than an hour, Arayik Sardaryan, the missionary our church supports and a dear brother who partners with us and brings us to the areas we might be able to help, will pick us up and take us to visit an elderly lady who had been hospitalized for several days and just went home yesterday. She is a faithful servant of the Lord who courageously hands out — from the front window of her home — gospel tracts and two devotional books written by Pastor Joseph Hovsepian. We hope to be an encouragement to her this afternoon but I’m pretty sure she will be the one to bless us!

Afterward we will participate in a small group Bible study in a home. We look forward to sharing warm fellowship with others who love the Lord.

We are not 100% sure yet of what we’ll be doing tomorrow (likely some more visits) but on Sunday morning we will make our way to Horom, the village I have shared about before. More about that soon!

Once again, we are very grateful for everyone’s loving and faithful support, whether through prayers, encouraging messages, financial donations or other gifts. May God bless you all!

At this point, I don’t yet have any photos worth sharing but I will take some this evening and will start posting photos and more detailed reports in the next day or so. Actually, I’ll just share one photo, the view from my hotel room window, which shows the arched passage that leads to our hotel and the buildings across the street. We’re located in the very busy Republic Square section of downtown Yerevan, near several government buildings, a concert hall, the national gallery, and many little shops and eateries.

More from me later!