Today we were out for about seven hours and visited seven homes, meeting with a total of 28 people (including 3 small children). We can’t possibly go into detail about each of these visits but, in each home, we listened as struggles were shared, we offered spiritual guidance as needed or requested, we prayed with the families, we left them devotional books and we offered practical help as we were able to. The needs are endless so we always pray for wisdom and the direction of the Holy Spirit.

If you have followed our past mission trips, you may recognize some faces in our photos and videos. We also met some new people today, including a dear 96-year-old man who was an Armenian hero in the Second World War.

Though we were tired as we headed back to the hotel, we were in good spirits and our group began joyfully singing hymns. What a blessing to serve together in God’s kingdom!

When we reached our rooms, we found that Emmy had kept her promise to meet with the young woman who lost her legs in a car accident (she travelled 60km to see her) and give her our literature and some help. Unfortunately, our time here is limited and we cannot visit everyone who would like to meet us, so we are grateful for faithful friends who will continue to do outreach and discipleship long after we are gone, working on their own as well as in cooperation with each other.

Please pray for Pastor Joseph as he prepare to speak at two different churches tomorrow. We look forward to the times of worship and fellowship. God bless you all.