We had another busy day, driving all over the city and nearby villages to visit families desperate for an encouraging word and God’s touch in their lives. Please pray for these five situations we encountered today:

  1. A young mother with two children, one of whom fell into a coma when she was just a year old and has suffered complications since then, including a learning disability and physical frailty. Her mother had already read Pastor Joseph’s book, God’s Workshop, and after listening to him for a while tearfully read the sinner’s prayer during our visit.
  2. A family of four adults who live in one bedroom. Not a one-bedroom apartment but literally one bedroom, with no kitchen and no bathroom. The wife is suffering from a serious medical condition and needs surgery soon.
  3. Some of you may remember the sickly elderly lady we prayed with three years ago and who gave her life to Christ just a couple of weeks before we heard that she died. Today we prayed with her son and daughter-in-law and they both prayed to receive Christ as well.
  4. We visited this couple’s daughter-in-law at her workplace. She said she has really enjoyed reading God’s Workshop and Pastor Joseph prayed with her before we left.
  5. A 32-year-old woman who was recently hit by a car and lost both legs. Although we weren’t able to meet her, our friend Emmy will be reaching out to her on our behalf and bringing her a Bible.

If we shared a full video compilation of today’s visits and prayers, it would be too long, but we hope that these clips give you a glimpse into the wonderful ways the Lord is working here. We would not be exaggerating if we said we’ve been astounded by how many people have received and are responding to our devotional books and are eagerly reading the Bibles and New Testaments we provide. Thank you for your continued prayers!