Day 13 – On the Road Again

After resting for a couple of days, Pastor Joseph and Jessie were full-swing back in action on Wednesday, beginning their third and last week in Armenia. The latest photos begin HERE.

On Monday, despite feeling some stress and fatigue, they relied on God’s strength and went to visit two widows. The people they are visiting live in difficult circumstances (notice the buckets in one home where, when it rains outside, it also rains inside). Special thanks to those of you who have generously provided the means with which we can help some of those in need.

On Tuesday, they had a visit with a local journalist (the woman seated with Pastor Joseph, with a bouquet of roses in front of them) whom we connected with a few years ago, but they kept the rest of the day low-key. On Wednesday, however, they visited four families, in Yerevan, Getap, Sayat Nova and one other town. All of these families face hardship and a couple of them have experienced heart-breaking tragedies (suicide, abandoned children, disabilities caused by trauma, etc.) What is amazing is seeing the joy and peace they have because of the hope they have found in Jesus Christ!

When we spoke with Pastor Joseph and Jessie, they were preparing to welcome two separate visitors at the hotel later in the day. When they can’t go out to meet with people to offer encouragement and guidance, those people are sometimes able to visit them.

One of the ladies in the photos (sitting alone and wearing a dark top) has opened her home in Sayat Nova for the third consecutive year so that new believers can be baptized in the shallow pool in her courtyard. Ten will be baptized on Sunday afternoon!

Fun fact: You’ll notice in the photos two long slabs with a reddish substance spread out on them. This is in the courtyard we just mentioned… and those are natural “fruit roll-ups” being prepared from a mixture of home-grown fruits. Yum! We continue to be impressed by the resourcefulness of those in need in Armenia.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers. One week to go!