In yesterday’s report we mentioned being moved by the faith of a blind gentleman at the church we visited. As if to continue on that theme, today we had the opportunity to be humbled and blessed by a 10-year-old blind boy. Our friend Emmy arranged for us to go to Gor’s home where we also met his mother and 12-year-old sister Annie.

Gor lost his sight from complications during childbirth and dreams of seeing one day. . . and becoming a famous singer! With his sister snuggled close and supporting him, he courageously belted out three songs for us, in Armenian, Italian and Russian. He also plays piano but didn’t want to play for us because he felt ashamed that three keys on the piano are broken. Gor also read to us for a while, mastering difficult words as his fingers swiftly skimmed over the Braille in his book. Surgery for Gor is a possibility but would be very expensive.

When Pastor Joseph engaged him in a conversation about life after death (the article he partially read to us was titled (roughly) “German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death”), we were pleased by his insightful comments and questions, as well as by how easily he and his sister listed the Ten Commandments when quizzed. Before leaving, we gave copies of our books and also offered a small sum to the family to help with immediate needs. We parted with many hugs, knowing that we will not soon forget this dear family. Please pray for them.