When Pastor Joseph and his wife Jessie visited Armenia for the first time in 2008, they never dreamed that they’d return—much less that some combination or other of our family members would be back seven more times. With each mission trip, we’ve learned and grown and we’ve become accustomed to not having a strict, pre-planned itinerary for our time here. Sometimes we have to go with the flow and move when God moves us or rest when He tells us to sit still. Over the years, we’ve also been able to develop a strong network of foot soldiers, so to speak, to do the work of the Great Commission here. The people we partner with are not big-name evangelists, pastors or leaders. They are ordinary people who love the Lord and love people.

Today we had a second and longer visit with our friend Emmy, whom we will share more about in a future edition of our church’s monthly newsletter and on our Facebook page (she has prepared a write-up of how we connected with her). Emmy shared many insights about the challenges families here face and we were moved by the sincere and selfless compassion she has for the needy around her. We were able to equip her with copies of our books and tracts, as well as some emergency funds with which she can help those in dire circumstances. We are thankful for the generous donations that allow us to meet such needs. Please pray that we would continue to have discernment in identifying faithful and trustworthy ministry partners here. Pray, too, for those who work here year-round in difficult conditions.

Tomorrow, the pace will pick up as Pastor Joseph will be speaking twice at a church we’ve never been to before. We look forward to encouraging the group we’ll be meeting there. Thank you for following our trip thus far and for your uplifting comments!