Day 10 – Christian Leadership College (CLC)

Two brothers in Christ rejoicing over the gift of Bibles to the church. The Bibles were a donation from Pastor Joseph. We need to count our blessings and appreciate the accessibility of buying Bibles. Is yours collecting dust somewhere? Or do you use it as a paper weight?
Bibles are expensive for the average Armenian to buy. Even the church has a shortage and did not have any to give away to new believers.

100 Bibles ready to be distributed
Every Saturday the sanctuary of the Armenian Brotherhood Church of Yerevan becomes a seminary for approximately 65-70 persons. They attend lectures and the following weekend are tested on their knowledge. At the end of the course they receive a diploma from the Christian Leadership College.
Students taking the exam.
Dad teaching his course “The Price”
Refreshments during the break
The students are men and women, young and old.

Dad’s lesson “The Price” was well received with many questions during the Q&A time. The lesson can be heard on Vimeo in Armenian.

After the lecture ended I headed to the hotel to get work done but dad joined by Pastor Hovhannes had a couple of visits to do. At teach stop there were many spiritual questions that needed to be answered and these men of God have asked Dad to visit again and teach and mentor them.
Home #1
Home #2
Home #2
It was after 10 p.m. when dad finally made his way to the hotel. It had been a long and exchausting day and he had one more like it the next day. But God has given him the strength that he has needed on this trip and that is how it is when we do God’s will and calling.