Day 1 – Mini update

We thank God that Pastor Joseph and Jessie arrived safely in Yerevan on Thursday evening. Naturally, they were exhausted after their long trip so they turned in fairly early after settling into their hotel.

Their first full day in Armenia was busy, though they haven’t officially started their outreach yet. After picking up a few essentials (e.g. a card for their cell phone), they were taken to Dilijan, a beautiful little town about two hours from the capital, to attend a wedding. Of course, Armenian weddings are great affairs so, with another two-hour drive back, it was quite late when they gave us a quick call to check in and say good-night.

Note: Don’t let the map fool you when it says the drive is 1.5 hours. The roads in Armenia are not like the roads most of us are used to! 🙂

Not surprisingly, although they weren’t on duty, so to speak, they took advantage of the opportunity to speak to a couple of people they met and give them gospel tracts.

Saturday will give Pastor and Jessie a chance to finally rest a little as they only have one visitation planned. They’ll be going to Horom on Sunday and will no doubt have many interesting stories to tell us after that trip.

If you’re not familiar with our mission work in Armenia, you can find last year’s full report here. Once again, thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Good night!