We had a bit of a surprise today: a poignant moment for our family. We have cousins in Yerevan and had agreed to accompany them to a cemetery to  visit the gravesite of our great-aunt, who passed away a few months after last year’s mission trip. We felt that ministering to those who are grieving fit well with our purpose for being here. What we did not expect was to also see the tombstone of our grandmother (and great-grandmother) Dikranouhie, who died in 1974. This was the first time any of our Canadian family had been to her burial site and it was a moving experience for us.

It was also interesting to see how different the cemetery was from what we’re used to in Montreal and to learn about the different traditions here. Later in the evening, we learned more about life here in Yerevan and the challenges of doing ministry when we bumped into one of the missionaries we work with. He operates a taxi service for tourists and has many opportunities to interact with the different ethnic groups that visit the city. We appreciated the stories and insights he shared about presenting the gospel to people.

Tomorrow we will be meeting with at least one family and hope to be an encouragement and support to them. Please pray that we would have wisdom and discernment as we plan the rest of our days here. On Thursday we will rejoin the group from Horom, but in another village, for a day of worship, teaching and fellowship. Pastor Joseph will also be baptizing a couple of people that day. Other than that, we are moving forward day by day in faith, responding as best we can to the Lord’s leading. Thank you again for your prayers!