Even a bumpy two-hour drive through the hot and dry countryside can be enjoyable when you’re travelling with kindred spirits. Seven of us piled into a van and took advantage of our journey to Horom to get to know each other better and strengthen our ministry connections.

We received a very warm welcome in Horom and had some fellowship with the local pastor and his wife before heading over to the church for worship. This is the church we first visited in 2013 and then decided to help rebuild, as the meeting place was in shambles. Since then, the building has been renovated inside and out, they are able to heat the meeting room in winter and now have an outhouse.


The congregation has grown since our first visit and it was wonderful to see familiar faces as well as new ones, and to see so many young people and children participating in the church service. Pastor Joseph shared a simple message about salvation through Jesus Christ and the importance of being a faithful follower and then he took some time to answer questions from the members. After the service, Ann-Margret met in a side room with the young people and, with the help of our translator Lilit, chatted with the teens about some of the challenges they face as Christian young people.

Later we had lunch at the pastor’s home and continued to encourage each other in our Christian lives and ministries. We didn’t stay too long as we had to travel two hours again to return home. A few of us dozed in the van, feeling content and blessed by the day’s activities.

When we returned to Yerevan, we found out that someone who, just a few days ago, had requested copies of our books took two boxes of them back to Belgium with him and, the next day, there was already a very positive response to them. We were thrilled to hear that!

We miss everyone back home and wish we could have been in two places at once, but we trust that our church family in Montreal also had a blessed time of worship and fellowship. Thank you for your continued prayers! The Lord is certainly answering them and blessing us.