When Joseph Hovsepian was just 14, he read a Christian tract that inspired him so much that, within a few months, he had written a tract of his own titled “There is No Third Road.” When it was time to get it printed, he offered to work at the printing shop to pay for the costs of the paper and printing. When he realized that this was a very good way to spread the Word of God and tell people about His free offer of salvation, he wrote a second tract at the age of 16. This was about the prodigal son’s return home to his father.

Years later, while serving at Temple Baptist Church in Montreal, the Holy Spirit prompted Hovsepian to write another tract, this time in English, for outreach and evangelism. He wrote the now-popular tract “What Are You Searching for?” At that pre-personal computer time, his wife Jessie had to type it on a mechanical typewriter and the Hovsepians had a few thousand copies printed.

The initial goal was to reach their neighbourhood but, to make a very long story short, God blessed this tract and today it has been translated into a dozen languages and millions copies have been given out all over the world.

Another popular tract written by Joseph Hovsepian is “Got Peace… or still looking for it?” It is available in bilingual English/French.

You are free to print out and distribute these tracts, or you can contact us to discuss shipping / pick-up if you need large quantities. Donations toward our printing expenses are appreciated.

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Got Peace?

What Are You Searching for?


God’s Workshop – Pastor Joseph Hovsepian’s Devotional book.

Asdzo Arestanotse –  Pastor Joseph Hovsepian’s Devotional book in Armenian.

The One Year Designer Genes Devo – by Ann-Margret Hovsepian – devotional book for tween girls.

Truth & Dare – by Ann-Margret Hovsepian – devotional book for tween girls.

Truth, Dare, Double Dare – by Ann-Margret Hovsepian – devotional book for tween girls.

Restore My Soul – by Ann-Margret Hovsepian – a coloring book DEVOTIONAL JOURNEY

100 Days of Prayer: a Journey into deeper intimacy with GOD – by Ruth Hovsepian – part memoir, prayer guide, and journal.

The Ultimate Conversation: Is that you, God? – by Ruth Hovsepian – a bible study about prayer.

100 Days of Prayer {Prayer Journal Edition} – by Ruth Hovsepian – a companion to the 100 Days of Prayer book.

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