And So We Begin

Good morning! It’s 10:30 a.m. in Yerevan and I’m just checking in to give a little report about yesterday’s activities.

In the afternoon, we visited an elderly lady named Sveta, along with her family. We were very blessed by our time there. Sveta told us that she prays daily and constantly for our ministry, which was a great encouragement to us. She also shared a few beautiful and affirming poems she’s written about Pastor Joseph. We were later able to pray for her and her loved ones.

Later in the evening, Pastor Joseph led a Bible study in a home. The passages we focused on were Matthew 7:13-14, 21-23 and also Luke 13:22-24. We talked about the challenge of walking the narrow road and living holy lives. Two of the young women present asked very poignant questions on the topic and we had a great discussion.

Here are a couple of photos from our visits. You can see more in our Facebook photo album, which will be updated regularly.

We’ll be doing a bit more visiting today but our next big event is our visit to Horom tomorrow morning, where we will finally see the renovated church building and reconnect with the precious people we met last year. We are taking with us a suitcase full of clothing, medication, reading glasses, and tracts as well as a communion set we are donating to the church. We will attend their worship service and then Pastor Joseph will baptize four people from the village.

I will be staying in Horom for a few more days while Pastor Joseph returns to Yerevan to do ministry there. We will regroup in Horom on Wednesday and enjoy some fellowship before leaving.

Pastor Joseph and I thank you for your interest and prayers for this ministry and mission trip. We ask you to please continue praying for us. Thank you!