Mission: Armenia 2019 – Sunday, September 1, 2019

Our team’s third Sunday in Armenia was one of our busiest days during this mission trip. We were on the road for about 11 hours and traveled from Yerevan to Gyumri to Horom to Kosh and then back to Yerevan.

In Gyumri, we visited the Armenian Evangelical Baptist Church, where Pastor Joseph preached, and we enjoyed a moving time of worship and praise. (Videos to come in a later post.) From there we went to Horom for another baptismal service. Although all eight women who were baptized were from Spitak, the church members from Horom joined us to provide encouragement and we appreciated their warm fellowship. It was inspiring to see a few elderly women bravely enter the shallow pool to be baptized! 

Later we had the privilege of visiting our friends Sanadroug and Mariam Hajian for supper and fellowship.

Monday was busier than expected as the team ended up fitting in several visits (or meetings at the hotel). At this point, although the Hovsepians have one full day left in Armenia, the mission trip is officially over. Several friends in Armenia will continue the work as much as they can, following up on families we visited and making sure Bibles, tracts and devotional books are made available to those who need them. Please continue to pray for this vital work in Armenia. Thank you!