Yesterday we said that our report was the last one for this year’s mission trip… but we forgot that our plans and God’s plans don’t always match up! During breakfast at the hotel this morning, we caught the attention of two women when Pastor Joseph spoke to one of the kitchen staff in Greek. The younger woman approached us and asked if we were from Greece. We explained our background and it turned out that she is from Montreal, too! The other lady, her aunt, is from Cyprus. We left them with four of our tracts (in different languages) and a business card, inviting the younger woman to come and see us in Montreal some day.

We then had someone visit us to say good-bye, after which we dropped in on our cousins for a final meeting. We ran some errands before heading to the home of one of our ministry partners for another good-bye. Outside their door, we met one of their neighbours, a woman they have been witnessing to and who was happy to hear more from God’s Word. Pastor Joseph counseled her for quite a while and prayed with her, and we gave her a tract, too. What great opportunities to continue to plant seeds!

The last thing we did before packing our bags is say good-bye to another family that came by the hotel to see us, and now we are winding down. We need to be up at 5:00 a.m. to head to the airport and then it’ll be at least 16 hours before we are home, sweet home. So, thank you again for all your prayers!