Update from Armenia

Here is one of several exciting reports we have received from our mission field in Armenia lately. This one is from a pastor we support in a poor farming village:

Our son, having been called up to join the army, had to have a medical examination. As a result, we found out he had some problems with his nasal septum and needed surgery. He had a tough time after the surgery, which lasted over two hours. There were problems with his blood pressure and the doctors had difficulty waking him up. All we could do was pray and, thank God, he is fine now.
There were many doctors, nurses and other workers in that department. They knew we are a Christian family so they had many questions. Many were surprised to hear my son’s name is Timothy, and I told them that if they were Christians and had ever read the Bible, they would have known that his name is taken from the Bible.
All things work together for good to those who love God! My wife and I evangelized those people in the hospital. Several doctors were eager to hear the gospel. There was also a nurse who used to attend a church several years ago but stopped attending because of some problems. At the end of the day, two nurses came to our room and we talked for an hour. They repented and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
The whole department knew about us the next day and five more people joined us, all of them very interested in the gospel. We had very blessed days. We shared nine New Testaments and 13 copies of Pastor Hovsepian’s booklet “Does Your Life Have Meaning?”

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Armenia who faithfully and boldly share the gospel with the people around them.