The Story Behind the Tracts

When Joseph Hovsepian was just 14, he read a Christian tract that inspired him so much that, within a few months, he had written a tract of his own titled “There is No Third Road.” When it was time to get it printed, he offered to work at the printing shop to pay for the costs of the paper and printing. When he realized that this was a very good way to spread the Word of God and tell people about His free offer of salvation, he wrote a second tract at the age of 16. This was about the prodigal son’s return home to his father.

Years later, while serving at Temple Baptist Church in Montreal, the Holy Spirit prompted Hovsepian to write another tract, this time in English, for outreach and evangelism. He wrote the now-popular tract “What Are You Searching for?” At that pre-personal computer time, his wife Jessie had to type it on a mechanical typewriter and the Hovsepians had a few thousand copies printed.

The initial goal was to reach their neighbourhood but, to make a very long story short, God blessed this tract and today it is being printed in a dozen languages and about four million copies have been given out. Hundreds of churches in Canada and outside Canada have been distributing them. They have also been printed and distributed in Greece, Armenia, the Philippines and other countries.

Several years ago, Hovsepian wrote yet another tract, this one called “Got Peace… or still looking for it?” This tract, which is available in bilingual (English/French), has also been very popular and is being printed and distributed freely to all those who want to use it.

For some years now, Evangelical Tract Distributors has been printing both of these tracts and making them available around the world.

To read either of these tracts, which you are free to print out and distribute, click here.