Since our first visit to Sayat Nova a few years ago, we are always eager to return to this village, about half an hour southwest of Yerevan. Pastor Joseph has baptized a few people from that village and it was nice to reconnect with one of the families and make some new acquaintances. One lady in particular had sent word a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to meet with Pastor Joseph and she was able to join us with her daughter. It was a good opportunity to answer some great questions about what it means to be born-again, about heaven and hell, etc. It also gave us joy to see that Annie, a young teen we have taken photos with in past years, is still faithfully reading her Bible and sharing her faith. You’ll see in the photos that Sayat Nova is one of many poor areas in Armenia, with challenging living conditions. However, the believers there inspire us with their joy and gentleness.

The rest of the afternoon was spent meeting with or talking on the phone with our ministry partners here, making further arrangements for outreach, visitations, book and Bible distribution, and so on. Pastor Joseph was also able to offer some counsel over Skype to someone who had a few questions.

We hope to do some more ministry tomorrow as we also prepare for Sunday, which will be quite busy. After that, we’ll be getting ready for our trip back home on Tuesday morning. Your continued prayers encourage us. Please pray, too, for the people we meet and reach out to.